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Why Consciousness Is So Important To Emotional Healing

Why Consciousness Is So Important to Emotional Healing

As an educator, Janette Hernandez handles many challenges daily including the management and balancing of numerous people’s emotions. She found that 2019 was an especially demanding year for her, both personally and professionally.

She had worked with other energy healers, and she was familiar with energy healing after reading books and using essential oils for emotional balancing. Since she wanted to find a better way to get herself grounded and tap into her own consciousness, she scheduled a personal healing session with Sakara.

Because of her sessions with Sakara, Janette has been able to sustain a “sacred lifestyle.” She now journals, uses the MIR-Method, and practices grounding meditations and mindfulness regularly—all things she learned from Sakara to bring healing into her life on a daily basis.

Janette has since recommended Soul Touch Healing Studio’s services to many of her family members and friends, including her mother, sister and niece.

“It has helped us to show up, have a strong inner core and be present,” Janette said.

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