What my clients say about me...

Thank you for introducing me to the Maat Self Mastery program and for empowering me with the tools to remind me of who I am, where I am and why I am. Thank you for pouring into me month after month, leaving no questions unanswered and no stones unturned. Your guidance under this program has edified, validated, enlightened, elevated, altered and expanded my whole self in ways unprecedented and unimaginable. I am so grateful for your presence, guidance and your gift. You are an eternal blessing to me and all those whose path you cross. May you continue to flourish in your life’s work, in all-ways and forever!”

C. Jones

Integrative Fitness Expert, Arizona

I discovered the gift of Sakara’s approach to mind-body-spirit healing 7 years ago. She combines ancient wisdom with an understanding of the frantic pace of our modern lifestyles. Her sensitivity to my feedback on what works and what no longer serves me facilitated genuine results that have lasted years. In her sessions there is no sugar-coating of artificial “bliss”. Her talents as a good listener and intuitive healer enables her to read a problem accurately and assist me in self-correcting my path with a no-nonsense approach to removing obstacles. After 15 years of practicing and studying with a variety of healing masters around the world, I recognize Sakara as one of the most gifted practitioners who quickly identifies the root of a problem and eliminates it. Most importantly, regardless of what type of problem we identify, I trust her to guide me in a direction that serves the most benevolent outcome for myself and others. I am grateful for all the insights she has empowered me to embrace and how she has motivated me to integrate my own healing abilities into every aspect of my life. The value of my investment is evident in my improved sense of self-mastery and increased harmony in all of my relationships.


Clinical Psychologist

The systems thinking idea of “that which is most systemic is most personal,” resonates deeply with me. The work of systemic change requires a deeper access to one’s core. Beyond the emotional, moral, intellectual and relational dimensions of systems,are subtle personal and spatial energies that impact us in profound ways. Sakara Kemilla’s intuitive assessments through her fluency with and comprehension of human and celestial bodies have been invaluable to my engagement of the integrated domains so often excluded in medical models of health. Her skill, compassion and gift have helped guide me and my family toward balance and health in mind, body and spirit. Life, Prosperity and Health Nana Supattana.

D. Davidson

Educator, Consultant, Egyptologist

I’ve had the great fortune to work with many gifted healers over the years, who used various tools and practices. It is not an overstatement to say that Nana Sakara is the most advanced practitioner I’ve ever known. She has a body of knowledge and expertise that is mind-blowing. I playfully call her a ‘walking encyclopedia’ of healing. Her ability to synthesize knowledge and apply skills from an array of traditions and methodologies is second to none. Within the first few minutes of her working with me, I felt the weight of decades leave my energy field. Each session brings further healing, clarity, and an increasing momentum that is leading me deeper into my life’s work. I am so grateful to have met her when I did. She is truly a vessel of transformation and liberation. We are so fortunate to have her on the planet with us at this time.

Ratasha Elise

Sakara Kemilla, powerhouse of spiritual and esoteric knowledge, has been a major force in my life for the last several years.  A master teacher and advisor, she always rises to whatever occasion necessary as a teacher, guide, advisor and supporter in spiritual and health matters.  Having experienced her non-invasive energy health assessments, spiritual cleansings of myself and my family, Reiki training, meditation guidance and her Maat Self-Mastery course, I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking self knowledge and expansive personal growth.  Sakara has directed me in creating three- dimensional therapeutic artistic forms that have changed my life. I feel more joyful and confident as a result of the work I have done under her guidance.

Sherry B.

Court Reporter, Cultural & Spiritual Initiate

Sakara Kemilla is a national treasure.  Referred to by many as Nana Sakara, her wisdom is practical and easily applied. She has helped me become more abundant as an entrepreneur and to parent my children with confidence and clarity.  Our entire family has benefited from her work.

Dr. Amanda Kemp

Author, University Professor, Educational Consultant

Sakara Kemilla is a walking, talking, and living human technology. I am a
witness to her many gifts and talents. She is academically developed, is continually evolving her mastery of the healing arts, and she possesses intuitive brilliance in numerous natural sciences. Sakara is a certified energy practitioner, holistic therapist, and she is an initiate of several ancient wisdom traditions. She is proficient at synthesizing and creating coherency from disparate personal memories and experiences to help her clients flow into higher states of perception and vision. Sakara’s use of sacred traditions and ceremony enhances clarity and internal poise and, in my opinion, this is a hallmark of her communal service. Over the years she has travelled internationally as both student and workshop leader. Sakara supports people of all ages and backgrounds to assist each individual with improved physical, mental, and emotional health through Self-acceptance and attunement to their inner life. Sakara’s accuracy, proficiency, and success rate is extraordinary. I and my family have known and benefitted from a wealth of contributions from her for many years. Sakara is a personal and beloved friend and spiritual family member. I consider myself to be one of the biggest supporters, in word and deed, of Sakara’s universal importance.

Anthony Reese, RN

Minister and Reiki Master Teacher

I feel the deepest sense of gratitude and appreciation for Sakara’s entrance into my life. I met Sakara at our annual retreat when the president and CEO of the company brought her in to do Personal Growth and Wellness work to benefit the staff personally, professionally, and organizationally. Sakara is extraordinary in so many ways; her deep knowledge and experience in various Holistic  methods and modalities became quickly evident. I have continued to interact with her and she has worked on just about everyone in my circle, including my sister, daughter, and close friends. I recommend her to everyone I know as her depth of ancient wisdom combined with new energy technologies is beyond impressive.

Deborah M.

Equity Educational Consultant

My deepest gratitude goes to Sakara for changing my life, saving my marriage, and empowering me to show up as my best self in every situation, authentically and consistently.  Sakara taught me the value of calling on my team (The Most High, Gaia, my Light Ancestors, Spirit Guides, and my Higher Self) to be with me, protect and help create the most beneficent outcome for my highest and greatest good. I’ve engaged the practices of a parasite cleanse, physical-spiritual health check, MIR Method, the Effective Prayer, Spiritual Hygienic Cleansing, Dowsing, created an Alter in my home, Agnihotra, Ho’oponopono, Maat Self Mastery and Reiki Level II. In practical terms, this has resulted in two promotions at work, increased my salary by $25,000, all within the year I’ve been working with her.  I’m in a position at work where I feel valued, trusted, and motivated to give 100%, daily. My manager is the most supportive, kind, team oriented person I’ve ever worked for in my life, plus she’s a Black woman from Guyana. (My roots are also in Suriname – Dutch Guyana!) This is not a coincidence.  My marriage has been renewed with passion and that next level love and support. My family is doing well, my husband’s health is once again stable and in a better state, and I’m truly at peace. I come from a deeply Christian background, but when stuff was really going on, I was taught to turn to my Surinamese indigenous practices.  I always knew there was more and working with Sakara opened that door. Sakara knows how to explain the complexities of the Universe so that a child can understand. She provided a framework and step by step approach to incorporating spirituality in every aspect of my life.  This required me to make the time to do my personal work. If you’re ready to take impactful steps to changing your outcomes, I highly recommend working with Sakara.


Project Manager

*Adinkra are symbols used in Ghana, West Africa to tell a story and highlight important cultural concepts. Originally used to design fabrics and pottery, Adinkra symbols are known around the world now as they have been adapted for use in interior decorating and other applications that inform the world about important principles and ideologies of Ghana.