Gendai Reiki Ho

 Makao Usui, The Pioneer of the
Usui Reiki System

This Modern Reiki method brings Eastern and Western traditions together, as taught by Reiki Master Hiroshi Doi of Japan. Reiki is a spiritual cultivation system designed to enliven your body, mind, and spirit. As you improve your relationship with The Great Universe, The Creator, and yourself, Ki Energy (the basic energy of life itself) increases within you and your energy field/aura. Ultimately, you become a stronger channel for the healing energy of the Universe. By channeling this increased energy, you may assist other beings – people, animals, and plants, to experience better health. However, healing begins with you, and radiates because of your higher frequency and relationship with the All-in-All. Life situations and relationships may also be treated using Reiki energy.

It is important to understand that Reiki is much more than a physical or emotional healing system. Reiki is an intelligence in which the practitioner may work with to bring harmony, grace, and balance to all aspects of life. The celestial bodies even respond to the enlightened Reiki Practitioner’s conscious channeling of Ki energy.

Professionals, businesspeople, and laymen and women all benefit from having an “energy technology” such as Reiki, to smooth their path through life. Reiki is an important technology for yourself and a healing therapy for others. Treatment and Training is available.

Small Group Training may include:

  • Professional Development for existing Reiki Practitioners and Teachers
  • Courses can be conducted on-site for businesses
  • One-on-one updates and Reiki enhancement attunement
    Reiki coaching for specific issues
    Reiki Meditations as taught in the original Reiki Japanese Society

Please contact us for fees and dates on the following Reiki Training Levels:

  • Level I – Shoden – beginners
  • Level II – Okuden – advanced/symbols & correspondence with celestial bodies
  • Level III – Shinpiden – master level
  • Level IV – Gokuikaiden – master teacher, development of professional teaching skills


    The training according to the Natural Law of this whole world develops human’s spirituality. When you are convinced of this Truth, your committed training actualizes the unification with the Universe. The word you speak and the action you take becomes One with the Universe and they effortlessly work as the absolute limitlessness. This is in other words, the true nature of the human.Reiki Ryôhô Gakkai