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Want to be in alignment with your spirit’s purpose? Learn more about African cowrie shell divination
Register Now! Spiritual Hygiene Professional Training

Register Now! Spiritual Hygiene Professional Training

Soul Touch Healing Studio’s
Saturdays January 11 – March 21, 2020

Presented in 11, two-and-one-half-hour sessions via Zoom Video and Audio Conferencing, each recorded audio presentation will be emailed to participants along with Study Guides, Exercises and Visual Aides

Taught by Nana Sakara Kemilla

  • Holistic Health Practitioner – Reiki Master Teacher for 24 years
  • Meditation Instructor · African Cowrie Shell Diviner · Spiritual Life Coach

Energy Exchange:  $1,200 for this Certified Course
($400 deposit required to register with payments accepted every other week)

If interested contact us at: or 440-610-0465

From January 11 – March 21 Nana Sakara Kemilla is offering an eleven (11) week training on one of the most sophisticated clearing practices – Spiritual Hygiene. After completing this course participants will have the skills to clear themselves, their immediate family, friends, objects, pets, homes, and offices.

Professional Holistic practitioners will find this a practical and effective method to support clients with challenges that often do not fit into the categories with which the practitioner is familiar.

Spiritual Hygiene is a thorough and effective process for the identification of energy fields around humans, pets, homes, offices, and land AND a clear, straightforward process for clearing these energy fields. It offers an opportunity to have a pristine aura (personal environment) and a serene countenance. When there are debris in the energy field, there is a corresponding disturbance in the heart—an intelligent organ seldom acknowledged for its profound role in influencing our daily emotional wellbeing. A clean, clear aura attracts individuals who have our highest and best interest in mind, life opportunities that resonate with our Heart’s Desire, and our Divine Purpose for living.

If you and your loved ones, co-workers, or clients suffer from:

  • Depression
  • Cloudy Thinking
  • Feelings of misunderstanding
  • Chronic fatigue after enough sleep
  • Repetitive emotional frustration

Spiritual Hygiene can help!

Are you ready to empower yourself with the tools to keep yourself, your loved ones, and your environments pristine, high vibration, and dynamic? If so, the Spiritual Hygiene Professional Training is of great benefit to you!

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