Pendulum Dowsing

The Pendulum

The pendulum is not magic; the instrument can become an extension of our awareness – just as a medical doctor uses a stethoscope to hear the heartbeat of a patient, or as a carpenter uses a level to ensure that a surface is aligned correctly. The brilliance of the instrument in use is dependent upon the intelligence, skill, and diligence of the practitioner.

Dowsing is a divine science from The Creator: spoken of within the Christian Bible and other holy writings. All work with the pendulum or dowser is performed for the good of the individual and community.

Many citizens are aware of the “old-timers” (wise men and women) who searched for and identified water resources without exhaustive digging. Rather these dowsers used a forked stick and relied upon their tool and skills to locate the site of a new well.

Sakara‚Äôs favorite dowsing tools are ones recreated to the powerful effect of ancient Kemetics’ (Egyptians) work with pendulum dowsing. In Atlantis, a highly developed ancient culture that predates recorded history, the pendulum was a specialized and powerful tool of discovery.

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