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New Things For Ma’at Self-Mastery Program

New Things for Ma’at Self-Mastery Program

An exciting and recent development has occurred in the Maat Self-Mastery Program. We are currently engaging with the element of ETHER through the use of specially constructed “empty” boxes that have sacred geometric images in primary, secondary, and tertiary colors on the walls of the boxes. The use of these boxes is enabling participants of the Maat Program to make advancement in one month that is equivalent to the growth experienced in one year previously! Our belief is this acceleration is taking place, inspired by Grace to keep pace with the rapid changes on the planet. Please consider tapping into this phenomenal and pivotal experience of the “Maat Etheric Box!” A short introduction to the element of ether: Ether is subtle and primordial arising from the most primary realm of creation.

In a sensory manner, ether especially influences hearing through the physical ears as well as through the subtle sense that produces Clairaudience. This spiritual listening is a higher dimensional sensory development that allows human beings to receive information contained in the spiritual realm, to hear from physical distances many miles away from the listener as well as hearing the physical body (organs and systems) as an intelligence. Ether is space and the essence of emptiness which fosters spiritual enlightenment as empty space attracts Cosmic Beings who may assist human beings in their growth and evolution.

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