Ma'at Self Mastery

Ma’at is the Kemetic (Egyptian) Divine Principle of Truth, Order, Justice/Law, and Unconditional Love. 

Ma’at is the Kemetic (Egyptian) Divine Principle of Truth, Order, Justice/Law, and Unconditional Love. Ma’at is a compound principal and a Goddess. The original Kemetic people aligned justice with beauty, truth, order, and love. Ma’at is also the model for the blind justice figure depicted in the West to indicate righteous administration. The mission of the Ma’at program is to provide instruction, tools, and practical guidance for the realization of the principles of Ma’at within your life experience.

Participants in the program are supported in the journey of perfect alignment between the Emotional and Mental aspects. For most human beings, there is a disparity between the mental and emotional aspects, with the mental (thought process) being developed more rapidly than honest emotional responses. This discrepancy makes it difficult for individuals to utilize their greatest gifts and manifest their dreams.

Internal Poise is also an important theme of the Ma’at Self-Mastery Program. The human being who appears calm, but carries the seeds of internal discontent and anxiety, will radiate anxiety into the energy field. Thus, that person will receive this back in the life experience. When we are challenged with difficult life situations, it is most empowering for us to become still, peaceful, and in harmony with our mental-emotional aspects while maintaining faith in Divine Intelligence working through us. Even an overly excited reaction to good fortune can bring about imbalance. The state of Ma’at is the Spirit of Poise under all conditions.

On an emotional level, many students of the Ma’at Self Mastery have experienced fewer temperamental reactions to internet shenanigans. In the digital age, with social media and television shows, it is commonplace to become emotionally upset by another person’s published viewpoint visible. It has even come to a point where people unconsciously seek opinions opposing their own and then, feel justified being enraged.

Emotional or physical responses to people’s thoughts or opinions on social media and those of our family and colleagues signify that our Internal Poise does not exist. The Ma’at Self Mastery program may boost the level of your Internal Poise so that you may react less to conversations, text or audio that have no appropriate direct influence upon our lives. Whatever “pushes our inner buttons has an unhealthy and controlling influence upon us.

Subsequent to embarking on a journey with the Ma’at Self-Mastery Program, you will receive an assessment of your current level of development. Importantly, we also track backward to identify your level of development as you came into this incarnation. You are then instructed in a method to restore your original and natural state of being, using state-of-the-art scientific methods for resetting your natural balance and position.

Throughout your enrollment in Ma’at Self-Mastery Program, you will be offered opportunities to accelerate your growth and development. You will receive a monthly update until becoming advised that you have completed all the requirements to become the embodiment of Ma’at. This activity takes place over a period of months, depending upon your diligence and desire to evolve consciously. The Program is a modern-day version of an ancient Mystery School Tradition.

Individuals, who long to release disquieting memories of family dysfunction, have a strong desire to elevate the soul quality and find inner peace will find this program a wonderful fit for their journey in self-actualization and development.