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Learn How You Have The Ability To Heal Yourself

Learn How You Have the Ability to Heal Yourself

Guenet Sebsibe has always been a firm believer that we all have the ability to heal ourselves.

She has studied a number of world religions over the years and considers herself an avid learner. But when she was introduced to Sakara through a mutual friend, she felt connected to her spirit in a way that was much different than before.

She appreciated the fact that, just like her, Sakara was into the arts, culture, traveling, West African spirituality and retreats. Most importantly, like the fact that Sakara had a diverse background in energy healing.

Guenet wasn’t looking for anything to be fixed in her life at the time she met Sakara. But she’s glad that in their brief time together, Sakara was able to open her mind to a deeper understanding of life.

“What I learned from her is that the information I was seeking in life at the time was already within me,” Guenet said. “She served as a reminder of that wisdom.”

Guenet now uses the energy healing techniques from Sakara as another tool to help her live an enlightened life.

To Guenet, energy healing is the modality that she turns to when she wants to transform any unwanted blockage into a positive situation. She knows it can do the same for others who are seeking a higher purpose in life and who want to honor their own beliefs and traditions.

“It’s a specialty that combines ancient wisdom with practical applications to stabilize and ground any wonky situation,” Guenet said. “Sakara’s genuine heart-centered attention and guidance just makes everything feel right.”

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