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‘It Feels Just Like Electric Jolts Jumping All Around You’

‘It Feels Just Like Electric Jolts Jumping All Around You’

Growing up in a Baptist church, Kwabena Slaughter was aware of the practice of “laying hands” on people.

He had heard of the stories where people restored sight to the blind by laying hands on them. He had even seen people cry after receiving special prayer from a church leader.

But he never experienced it himself, so he was always curious to see if it was possible for someone to be healed through the energy flow of another person.

It wasn’t until Kwabena was sitting in a Reiki session with Sakara that he got to experience firsthand the real power behind energy healing.

During the session, Kwabena remembers that Sakara asked the group to close their eyes. Then Sakara walked around the room and, when she stood in front of each person, they were to raise their hands to acknowledge the moment they felt her energy in the room. “I thought to myself, ‘How would I know you’re in front of me if my eyes are closed?’” Kwabena remembered.

Kwabena said that when Sakara actually stood in front of him, there was no doubt that Sakara had a special aura. “You could feel the buzzing, swirling energy around her body,” he said. “It was just like electric jolts jumping all around you.”

Since that first Reiki initiation, Kwabena has used Sakara’s energy healing techniques to avoid harmful distractions in many parts of his life. He is a visual artist, and having creativity and focus are important so that he can do his best work at all times. He also has become a Reiki master himself.

In addition to seeing how energy healing practices such as Reiki bring positive results to people’s lives, Kwabena said energy healing also has positive effects on the person channeling the energy.

“Having the ability to tap into that energy flow and have it pass through you is reinvigorating,” he said.

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