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We contribute to planetary healing by training individuals and leadership groups to access The Great Spirit, Ancestral Wisdom, our Earth Mother and Intelligent Nature.

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Sakara Kemilla is an Energy Worker, Diviner, and Spiritual Life Coach.

She is a Teacher of Teachers working with consultants and healing professionals who lead others. Sakara employs elemental medicine in her practices commissioning the deep wisdom of earth, fire, water, air, and mineral. She is a proficient medical intuitive. Her higher sensory perception informs her ability to read the blueprint of the human body and environments. With over 30 years of experience in couturier clothing and textile design, Sakara’s creative work engages the convergence of visual arts and healing arts. Sakara studied Women’s Studies and African Studies at Oberlin College, and completed a BA in Divinity from Universal Brotherhood University, which recognized her astute and in-depth certified studies in healing and arts.


Sakara Kemilla is a national treasure. Referred to by many as Nana Sakara, her wisdom is practical and easily applied. She has helped me become more abundant as an entrepreneur and to parent my children with confidence and clarity.  Our entire family has benefited from her work.

Dr. Amanda Kemp

Author, University Professor, Educational Consultant

I feel the deepest sense of gratitude and appreciation for Sakara to have come into my life. I met Sakara at our annual retreat when the president and CEO of the company brought her in to do Personal Growth and Wellness work to benefit the staff personally, professionally, and organizationally. Sakara is extraordinary in so many ways and her deep knowledge and experience in multiple Holistic  methods and modalities became quickly evident. I have continued to work with her and she has worked with just about everyone in my circle, including my sister, daughter, and close friends. I recommend her to everyone I know as her depth of ancient wisdom combined with new energy technologies is beyond impressive.

Deborah M.

Equity Educational Consultant

Sakara Kemilla, powerhouse of spiritual and esoteric knowledge, has been a major force in my life for the last several years.  A master teacher and advisor, she always rises to whatever occasion necessary as a teacher, guide, advisor and supporter in spiritual and health matters.  Having experienced her non-invasive energy health assessments, spiritual cleansings of myself and my family, Reiki training, meditation guidance and her Maat Self-Mastery course, I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking self knowledge and expansive personal growth.  Sakara has directed me in creating three- dimensional therapeutic artistic forms that have changed my life. I feel more joyful and confident as a result of the work I have done under her guidance.   

Sherry B.

Court Reporter, Cultural & Spiritual Initiate